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Whether it was in ancient Egypt, where the slaves would build pyramids so also need the eat and eat well in order to work well, it is and was a natural at the time, which in all simple and clear clarity point out the inevitable importance of food, ready to be eaten now. All journeys to new and foreign countries also built on this particular to be able to have with food for days what was to come, and that would close both body and mind during your trip. As a health food store Hälsokostbutik  straight to your door with your own personal chef said no and yes it might be so.

A Swedish spinning and fitness instructor Martin Lorentsson doing right now success with his fitness Food Programme where they stressed Hong Kong residents can order a subscription (more or less) of food. Catering is there but not Catering in the classical sense when ordering cooked food to your door for those who now do not have time to get to 23 Staunton St SOHO in Hong Kong where Martin works and runs his restaurant Eat the Right Food in addition to its catering business. So certainly renews itself even the age-old profession Catering. Preparing food for others.



Martin Lorentsson

Have learned a lot about what is special about the food in Hong Kong, but also took the opportunity to renew it ... But it is much scanning of apps here and there

Eat Right Catering has video and other things that I can not successfully get to the page.
Mactan Catering.  FItness är.   FItness is, however, a fitness and may remain so for those who care for and maintain it for example with resistance training combined with cardio or why not spinning like Martin Lorentsson itself is instutkör to health happy to Martin if you are in Hong Kong. 23 Staunton Street is the address, right in the SOHO Hk. 




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